who we are
Danni Media and Marketing (codename: DM-Squared) is a boutique advertising agency that specializes in strategy, creative services and digital marketing. Our mission is to craft stories and experiences for multicultural and indie brands. 

With over a decade of agency experience working with global brands such as Verizon, Denny’s, Choice Hotels, and Nestlé, we offer clients the innovation of multi-million dollar marketing agencies with the touch of southern comfort. Our footprint reaches far beyond the Blue Ridge, as we have partnered with creators and founders from coast-to-coast to bring their brands and digital homes to life.


 DeVona Mitchell (she/her/hers) is a Southern girl at heart, with a passion for #TheCulture and offering innovative solutions to help emerging brands gain exposure and craft their stories. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, she is an ESFJ personality type. whose (E) tested 52%. She is also a Taurus who looks great in bright colors and always has a book or her tablet (no brands named, because no sponsored ads here) on hand. 

Check out a few brands that have put their trust in DM-Squared over the years:
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